Before the deluge

Some days it really *does* seem ridiculous to be gardening at all in a place that may really be uninhabitable in a few decades. On a day like today, for example, when I took out one of our gardening mistakes—a Home Depot-bought lime tree that in four years provided us with a grand total of... Continue Reading →


State of nature

The zebra longwing is the official state butterfly of Florida. There's me at lunchtime today, trying to get my point-and-shoot camera to focus on the 3mm (1/10") long newly hatched zebra longwing caterpillars on the tendril of a passionflower, fondly imagining I'm momentarily escaping from the breakdown of civic life unfolding on the Twitter feed... Continue Reading →


I confess I have a bit of a thing about using non-powered tools. The clippers (secateurs I'd have called them back in England), the push mower. This thing squeaks and wails almost as loud as the weed whackers and tractor-trailer size grass cutters of the "mow-and-blow" landscapers who do most of the work on people's... Continue Reading →


Today Donald Trump, Jr. confirmed that he hoped to collude with the Russian government to help elect his father president in 2016. In my garden, the zebra longwing butterflies didn't care about the crumbling of our democratic institutions and the despicable kakistocracy attempting to rule this country. They should care, of course—environmental catastrophe is part... Continue Reading →


In Miami everyone is doomed. Confirmation came today in the form of a long, widely shared article in New York Magazine entitled "The Uninhabitable Earth," in which Miami gets star billing once again as the city with no future: "Most people talk as if Miami and Bangladesh still have a chance of surviving; most of... Continue Reading →

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